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  • Mark Stokes

Decarbonisation, Sustainability and Renewable Energy

With a room full of property developers at our Mastermind today, Doug Johnson, Founder & Director of Mesh Energy was very warmly welcomed! LOW ENERGY PROJECTS are a HOT TOPIC!

Mesh Energy are an independent provider of net zero carbon building performance and engineering services to architects, developers and homeowners.

Doug took us on a deep dive into the huge benefits of creating low-energy buildings from the outset and integrating appropriate sustainable energy solutions. Buildings are becoming more complicated,

Did you know…?

  • Air source heat pumps are 10% cheaper than gas

  • Ground source heat pumps are 25% cheaper than oil

  • 10% ROI is possible with Solar PV

  • Battery storage may provide electricity in a power cut

  • Mechanical ventilation & heat recovery can enable a 30% heat loss reduction

A very thought provoking session with lots of Q&A!

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