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Modern Bridge

 Asset Management 

 Creating and maintaining optimised 
 real estate assets 

We create and nurture infrastructure that not only meets the needs, but also goes beyond by contributing to the environment, communities and individual residents well-being and enrichment.

Our Board has a 3 decade track record of asset managing
3m + sq. ft. of commercial and residential real estate with clients such as BT, Annington Homes, MITIE, Boots, DRT Reit, DWP, local authorities and developers.
Home Gardening
Our Asset management approach considers whole life cycle performance of the asset:
  • Appropriate places and environments for people

  • Optimise asset investment performance

  • Deliver auditable monitoring

  • Operate in social housing, private residential and commercial sectors

  • Energy efficient and sustainable focus

  • ESG investable asset class

  • Delivering social value and positive impact 

Comprehensive Sustainability Planning

Sustainable asset management of homes takes care of the planet and the people:

  • Social impact

  • Environmental impact

  • Economic impact

  • Innovation 

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