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 Our Impact Housing Platform 

 Our in-house system combines technology and  software that delivers the infrastructure that 
responds to the needs of society 
Our approach combines advanced technology and software, and extensive nationwide databases

Our bespoke in-house systems analyse, interrogate and validate millions of data points, to match housing associations specific housing requirements to diverse and compliant local housing supply solutions.

Real time access to this specialised data places our Team of property, finance and business analysts right at the heart of enabling sustainable and social impact investing. This allows our Team to identify the right accommodation to meet the specific local housing needs in a timely, affordable and efficient manner.

Our Asset Enablement Process
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 Property Data   Intelligence 

 Enables real time comprehensive access to residential and commercial property data, intelligence and market analytics do and we embrace it! 

Investment Analysis

Processes and databases combined with powerful tools for analysing and evaluating any property development and investment opportunities


 Financial   Modelling 

 Investment appraisal budgeting, funding modelling, structuring, financial analysis and bespoke reporting system 


 Finalisation of funding, contract structuring, approvals, verification, sign off and legal completion 

Project Management

Proven systems for acquisition, design, energy efficiency modelling, development monitoring, handover to operations and asset management

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 Asset Monitoring 

 Asset monitoring, verification and compliance reporting monitoring efficiency of asset performance over whole life cycle 

Exit Planning

Asset and business performance optimisation and establish array of exit options to new custodians

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