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Equa Purpose

We create sustainable and affordable homes that respond to the needs of communities.


Our Mission

Our mission of creating 1,000 social homes is to ensure that every development and investment is a step closer to protecting and enhancing a sustainable future and that our assets enable positive change to the lives of those in our communities.

Values that make an IMPACT




We inspire others through our enthusiasm and ethos, establishing long term enduring partnerships and creating outstanding levels of social value.



We operate on clear

social and partnership mandates. We know from experience that doing the right thing, even though it is not the easiest thing, is the right thing to do and as a business for good we embrace it!



We create valued places that positively change and enhance peoples lives. These homes are designed with consideration to their occupants and the sustainable environments they reside within.




We don’t just talk a good game – we understand we will be judged not only by what we DO but HOW we do it. Our operational pedigree is steeped in proven deliver over 3 decades. 



Creating shared Value - We recognise that all our stakeholders benefit at each stage of our value creation process. By embracing this ethos we remain focused on the people and communities we support.



Our approach to partnerships ensures we will always operate in the best interests of supporting long term social and stakeholder value. We measure ourselves by the value we create through the enduring legacy of our assets.

Equa Goals

We are committed to excellence through our assets, targeting our actions to serve society for decades

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We are committed to sustainable futures. We take a long term view in creating value to society and communities whilst enhancing sustainability, increasing bio-diversity and reducing our carbon footprint.

The assets we create improve the lives of those in need, play a significant part in reducing poverty and promote mental health and well-being.

Contact Us

If you'd like to discuss a potential project please get in touch

The Old Byre
SN14 7LD

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