At EquaGroup our ethos is to create maximum shared value amongst the stakeholders of our developments.

Our purpose is the creation of highly desirable, modern, intelligent, secure and purposeful homes through the repurposing of tired and redundant office space within the towns and cities in and around the London home counties area.

With our Joint Venture investment partners, we aim to achieve a positive impact on society’s increasing need for affordable homes and be at the forefront of re-generation projects and focus on becoming the trail blazers for future generations.

Societal Need

The widely publicised housing market challenges in the UK are clear and the demand for good quality affordable homes is at its highest ever.

Our contemporary designed, one and two bedroom apartments are well positioned to service the area of greatest market demand backed by the availability of government initiatives such as the Help to Buy scheme, thus providing positive accessibility to home buyers and enabling our contribution back to the UK housing market and economy.


Equitable sustainability is the key driver to everything within EquaGroup. We believe sustainable development can meet the needs of the present without compromising the well-being of our future generations.

Our efficient home designs, with our selection of products and equipment / appliances, are all made with high efficiency and sustainability in mind to support future lower running costs and contribution / reduced impact to the environment.


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