Ever heard that quote? Well I did 20 years ago and have loved it until recently BUT now – I do NOT believe it is true any longer.


Well, the world is moving at a meteoric rate, change is all around us. Whether that be with Artificial Intelligence, driverless cars, the end in sight of the ‘mine & burn’ hydrocarbon economy or with krypto-currencies emerging at a phenomenal rate, the changing face of online retailing or even the rapidly reducing concentration time levels that society has…..

If we fail to embrace change, we will fail to even stand still – we will become ever increasingly insignificant in this world!

The externalities are moving rapidly and we have a simple choice – change and adapt or fail to change and be subservient to those that do decide to change. That is how the major corporation with a future are thinking, they are not meeting just current demand but anticipating change and working out what and how will influence and serve those future needs and problems.

So there is no ‘staying put’ in life – you either change and evolve or don’t change and degrade and wither on the vine. A simple choice really. The answer to the exam question of life, How? is not easy though.

As entrepreneurs we strive and thrive each day to make the difference and build a better, more fulfilling life of wealth in all its forms and enriching the lives of others around us.

It starts with mastery of one’s self, our attitude, our approach, our desire and our first steps that build a momentum of embracing change with a ‘go long’ mindset, that will endure.