To gain the interest, respect and intrigue of any party you engage with, it would be ‘wise to walk a mile in their shoes’ and understand what ‘language’ they speak.

Yes, the entrepreneur does indeed need to be multi-lingual!!

A well articulated conversation, thought through carefully and presented in a relevant and considerate way that aids rapid confirmation or understanding will help your cause dramatically.

It could be small things such as presenting your Investment Memorandum with a private investor’s ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) on an ANNUALISED as well as on a term basis. This may well help the investor understand quickly whether the investment falls within their investment criteria or not.

Over-stating the returns are a simple way to annoying any potential investor, as the truth will come out eventually and should this be at the expense of significant lost time then the client/investor may well be lost forever.

It is also worthy of noting that each investor has a unique set of qualification and investment criteria and time invested in understanding these in advance of a deal will rarely be time wasted.

The adage of ‘under promise and over deliver’ is a core skill which must be learnt and seasoned over time to maintain credibility and a long term revolving relationship potentially maturing over many deals.