Hi there, my name is Dan Greene and I am a full-time property developer and investor. I’ve been with EquaGroup now for nearly 3 years, but have always had a keen interest in property and developments.

So, what do I bring to the team at EquaGroup? My main function is maintaining and communicating with local agents for various purposes. Currently, I manage the sales and marketing process for the entire portfolio of development sites, as well as using my contacts in the industry, to source new and exciting development opportunities, before they hit the market. Shared value is absolutely key for success in this. I like to use my previous experiences to help me connect with local agents and build prosperous relationships, that will benefit EquaGroup, the agents themselves and the local community in general.

In terms of sales and marketing, I work with the selected sole selling agent, to build a marketing plan that includes the creation of marketing collateral, as well as developing an effective marketing strategy to help build healthy competition and demand within the local market. This also includes securing and managing our Help to Buy allocations for each project and maintaining great relationships with Homes England (HCA).

I also liaise quite heavily, with appointed solicitors in the lead up to a project, and during and after the sales process, to ensure the creation of leases and the sales process is completed effectively.

In terms of sourcing sites, I use my contacts in the industry to gain access to development sites before they come to market, to allow EquaGroup the first option on good development opportunities. Alongside Nigel (my dad), we scrutinise any opportunity and ultimately, if it works, move to secure it as quickly as possible. Upon securing new development sites, I am tasked with the delisting of business rates (if applicable) and managing the utilities of the site.

The world of a property developer is a busy one, but having the opportunity to create high end yet affordable homes for the local community, is a great thing and one of the reasons why property development is so rewarding