All of our regulars at Brooklands will know that this is a favourite quote of mine and frequently used. It comes from the accomplished Frank Williams CBE, of WilliamsF1 motorsport fame who despite being a tetraplegic after an accident in 1986 resulting in spinal injuries, has lead a dynamic business ever since.

I have always loved the analogy of formula 1 as high performance business culture and the essence of absolute focus on clarity of objectives. F1 has been described as a sport for 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon but a global business for the rest of the year – a great view!

Frank Williams knew that his absolute objective was to win races and hence make his car the fastest and most reliable around the circuit. During his time as a business owner he was frequently presented with business plans, purchase orders, invoices etc, and became famous for his abrupt analysis and questioning summarised in one phrase before approving – he would always ask “Does it make the car go faster”.

Needless to say that if the answer was no, then the purchase order or plan didn’t get approved!
Clarity and focus on your mission, with every ounce and sinew of resource and energy you have, is critical to the swift and decisive achievement of your objectives and the continuous evolution of your performance and growth. Anything that is none core to achieving this is automatically relegated to a lower priority possibly to be revisited another day.

So today I ask you, do you know what makes YOUR car go faster, and, just as importantly, what does not!!

The Power to say no is a potent force, and that is for another day. I hope this was helpful.