As a passionate entrepreneur, property investor& tech enthusiast, William has gained over 8 years of experience in both the process and construction engineering sector, at a management level. William then stepped away to take control of his life & develop his entrepreneurial spark.

As an engineer managing complex infrastructure within the demanding engineering world of the petrochemical engineering sector, William gained a wide array of management & technological skills which have created a substantial foundation for his current and future entrepreneurial interests.

This gave him the relevant skills to coordinate and run many of his & his investors property refurbs and conversions.

As part of the EquaGroup team, William is involved in much of the day to day operational management & control across the following business interests, including:

  • Serviced Accommodation
  • Commercial Conversions and Development
  • Co-living environments
  • Property identification and acquisition
  • Business mentoring and development

One of William’s big passions is sustainable development. This has led him to help create Young Entrepreneur, aimed at helping the younger generation to live life on their own terms, with no regrets and to lead exceptional lives whilst supporting others.

William is highly driven towards his goals and wants to create enough shared wealth to help impact the world in a positive way.