Hi! My name is Dan and I am a professional property investor and commercial developer.
I have taken the big step and left my full-time job to set up a business with my business partners.

During my time in the JOB, I was employed as a production manager for a well-known food business. I worked here for 5 years, working my way up from an apprentice to production manager, through the time, and experienced many situations, whether it be good or bad, that helped me to develop myself and helped towards defining my long-term goals. I came into this job straight out of college and learned a lot about business and how to act in a professional environment.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the company, I needed to step away from the business and further my experience. I also, for a long time, have had a passion for building a legacy and my own portfolio of businesses and investments.

One of my biggest passions in life, aside from business, is to travel the world. I have set myself a target of seeing two new countries every year for the next 10 years, and to see certain sights, cultures and to have certain experiences before my thirties. An example of this was after I left my job, I went to Australia for three months. This trip wouldn’t have been possible if I was working in a full-time job. During my time in Australia, I could work remotely on setting up the business, whilst travelling and enjoying the country.

So, what do I do now? Well, I focus on buying properties. Our business focuses on all things property – we buy and convert both residential and commercial properties to single room lets and flats. It is great fun and I am learning so much every day, and it is so exciting knowing that every step forward that we take, is a step closer to our personal goals.
My day consists of analysing, finding and viewing properties that are of interest to us, with a view to purchasing and converting to housing units of a super high quality. I love what I do, every day is a new challenge that helps us grow and become more experienced every day.

Sometimes, we get told in life that we need to follow the same path as everyone else. Go to school and college, go to university, get a job and a pension and retire.
Don’t be afraid to challenge the system and chase your dreams. On the day that I woke up, and decided to do this, I have never been happier.

My advice to anyone would be

  • Do what you enjoy – life is a one time thing!
  • Belief – believe in yourself because that is half the battle to success

All the best, Dan